Thursday, February 26, 2009

Developing a Brocabulary: Stylinguistics

The following pearls of wisdom from Brocabulary: The New Man-i-festo of Dude Talk are dedicated to one of the smoothest, most stylish fellas I know, Mr. David Paggi, because today we're talking about Stylinguistics or Language that pertains to the elements of style.

Or in other words, "Who cares whether it's the clothes that makes the man or it's the man that makes the clothes--what matters is that the clothes make a woman want to..." and we'll stop short there.

brawndescension - The condescension a brawny individual shows towards a less well-developed specimen: "My trainer said I was developing a nice three-pack, but I think he was being brawndescending."

cloutfit - An outfit that shows how much clout you have via French cuffs with twenty-four-karat links, a diamond-encrusted Brolex watch, a bespoke suit, polished wingtips, etc.

credlocks - Dreadlocks sported by a white dude to try to establish cred in the black community.

darecut - A haircut you get on a dare: "Dude! There's a penis shaved into your head!" "Yeah, it was a darecut. I get to use Tim's Lotus for a night if I go into work wearing this."

doucheshave - A shave befitting a douchebag.

flaircut - A haircut with flair.

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