Monday, February 16, 2009

I saw My Bloody Valentine 3-D!

Please please please, if you can still do it, go and see My Bloody Valentine in 3-D. It's like a roller coaster opened at your local theater and you had no idea. Seriously, when's the last time you could go see a wide-release slasher film in theaters? Jaws 3-D? GO! It's nuts fun. Yell at the screen! Eat some popcorn! Grab the person next to you! Bring 12 friends! Kidnap a baby, raise it to love slasher films, teach it how to master 3-D technology and bring about an army of 3-D movies for future generations in which a character has a pick-axe shoved through their eyeball!!!

And I'm not gonna try and review this beauty. Instead, I want to share with you something I didn't realize when I was going in to the theater:

Tom Atkins is in this motherfucker.

Yeah. Tom Atkins. He's still around and kicking all the shit out of bad guys. In honor of his surprise (to me) role in this film, I now give you the top 8 reasons I love Tom Atkins:

He plays Rehme in

He plays Stan in

He plays Dr. Dan Challis in

He plays Frank McCrae in

He plays Michael Hunsaker in

He plays Detective Ray Cameron in

He plays Nick Castle and (sleeps with Jamie Lee Curtis) in

And, of course, he made my heart happy by playing Sheriff Burke in

Thank you, Tom!

And you, reader, must go and have a good time asap at My Bloody Valentine 3-D. Just look at this picture I had a stranger take of me when I exited the theater with my 3-D specs still on and a bag of Watchmen (!) popcorn:

That's joy on my face.


Jesse T. said...

Tom Atkins! Hells yeah!
Have you seen this?

Rickey said...


But it looks about right to me. I'd maybe even toss in Corey Feldman. He's in a surprisingly large number of '80s horror.

KP said...

Corey especially counts if you consider "Rock N Roll High School Forever" a horror movie. I do.

Jesse T. said...

Kiel, I JUST bought "RARHS Forever" on DVD for two bucks ... haven't watched it yet, though.
Haim had a decent horror resumé, too; can't best Lost Boys and Silver Bullet.

Jesse T. said...

D'oh ... can't BEAT, I mean.

Rickey said...

JT, don't forget Gremlins, Friday the 13th and the Burbs! Feldman fever!

I bought RARHS Forever on tape for a dollar and it was so bad I had to turn it off. Madness.

Jesse T. said...

I'm talkin' 'bout Haim here, baby! "Watchers"! "Prayer of the Rollerboys"! And he's in "Crank 2," apparently!
But Feldman's the better horror Corey, fo' sho-rey.

Rickey said...

I got Prayer of the Roller Boys for a buck on VHS, too!

But i can't get Sam to sit down and watch it with me. sigh.

KP said...

Oh man, Jesse...wait until you see his band perform "I'm Walkin" at the school dance!