Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pimping HIS Stuff: Justin Aclin's Hero House

Yesterday, Rickey gave you the softer side of New York Comic Con, but he failed to mention the seedy underbelly we both lived through. You see, we both attended the Twisted Toyfare Theater panel (that part he did mention) to support our friends who help produce TTT; fine friends like Zach Oat, Sean T. Collins and TJ "The Slammer" Dietsch. But none of those gentlemen were moderating the panel. This man was:

Yes, it's none other than Toyfare grand poobah and clearly negligent father, Justin Aclin!

(Fortunately his lovely wife Brooke is around to raise their adorable daughter, Roxanne, so no need to call child services on this monster)

But aside from filling his assigned role of MC and usual role of facial hair czar this past Saturday, monsieur Aclin chose to play another part as well: spoiler of my dreams!

As part of the panel, the TTT crew asked trivia questions and crowd members who answere correctly were promised free copies of the collected edition of their work. Who had (and still has) two thumbs and answered a question right? THIS GUY (imagine me pointing to me)! Who was denied his hard-earned prize? Yep, THIS GUY (same deal) again. Aclin just gave away my booty to some chucklehead! And after that he even when so far to mock retaliation on this very blog!

Well, Mr. Aclin, prepare to get yours...

Justin has launched a new blog to promote his forthcoming graphic novel, Hero House. HH takes a comedic look at a college fraternity comprised of the next generation of super heroes. It's coming from Arcana this fall and Justin's going to be posting his process and other cool stuff, like this Ed McGuinness cover over there for the next several months. Justin is a hella creative and funny dude, so I heartily recommend both blog and comic.

And THAT is how you be the bigger man, children! That's TWO you owe me, beardface!


Justin said...

This is very nice, Ben, and I really do appreciate it. But you can't have either or my children, no matter how much I "owe you."

Rickey said...

Also, I'm pretty sure Justin offered you a copy when you won and then you said something like, "I don't need or want your stupid book," before crossing your arms, slumping down in your seat and sticking your lip out.

Also, Justin is an amazing dad. Speaking of which, Justin, I devoured a whole container of cart-food at lunch in under 7 minutes and now my stomach hurts. What do you recommend I do to ease the pain?

Ben Morse said...

I'm pretty sure you're imagining things and have no loyalty what so ever.

And so's your face.

Rickey said...

No, Ben's right. I was drunk at the show, so I prolly made that bit up.

This game to you, Ben.

Justin said...

I think you're both right. I think I eventually offered Ben a book, but I did specifically say, "Ooh, are you going to post about me on THE COOL KIDS' TABLE?" in a sarcastic manner.

Rickey, it's probably too late to do any good, but my advice is to not eat anything named "cart food."