Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Surgical Success!

Why who is this handsome devil......yes, it is I, mere moments after being brought out of the operating room and into recovery. I told Megan to snap a shot as soon as she saw me, and she says I was apparently mumbling "Take a picture" through my oxygen mask before they even got me settled (and Rickey rightly pointed out I look "just like an astronaut"). Also, apparently Megan was texting a bunch of folks to let them know I was ok, one of whom was TJ, who said to give me a kiss from him, and though I don't remember it, she says I kept protesting "I don't wanna kiss TJ" in front of all the nurses.

So the ostensible bad news from this morning's procedure was that things in my nose were apparently much worse than either I or the doctor originally thought. According to my doc, my septum, which is supposed to be straight and "shaped like the letter 'I'," was "shaped like the letter 'S'." Also, my sinuses, which he thought were just swollen and needed to be drained, were in fact engorged and actually need to be shaved down.

The good news is that my doctor and the folks at Meadows Surgery Center are incredible pros who answered every question that Megan and I had, made us feel totally comfortable, and took great care of me from start to finish.

So I've been in and out of consciousness most of the day, bleeding buckets out of my nose big enough to make the Lost Boys happy (screw you more topical Twilight reference), my head hurts and I'm pretty nauseous (as I explained to Rickey as the nurse explained to me, I'm swallowing a lot of blood, so my stomach is fulling it making me feel like vomiting, which totally makes me a Red Lantern, albeit a kindly one), but I'm feeling decent enough to at least hop on the computer and write a blog, so thumbs up.

Megan is being the raddest nurse ever (she has been changing the bloody gauze in my nose like every hour--that's love), Rickey brought me comics (like an angel) and Cerilli is simply the best boss ever (don't tell him I said that). I'm a lucky man.

So we'll see how the rest of the week plays out as far as my continued health and blogging, but I did want to hop in, give an update, and say thanks to those who were thinking of me.


Jim Gibbons! said...

Feel better, broham!

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