Friday, August 7, 2009

Linko! XVII

John Hughes dies yesterday, and I obviously don't need to tell anyone reading this blog how really, terribly sad that is. That trumpet music from the final run home scene in Ferris Bueler has been running through my head all day. I'm sure there are a ton of great tributes out there already and more stuff being written (I'm honestly curious to see if the New York Times taps Kevin Smith to write something...maybe they already have?), but for now, here are two things I saw that were really nice and in our shared nerd wheelhouse:

* This has been everywhere already I'm sure, but go look at the larger version of this Teen Titans/Breakfast Club mash-up by the great Cliff Chiang.

* Via Bryan Lee O'Malley's Twitter feed: director Edgar Wright's own tribute. In leading up to the "Scott Pilgrim" movie, I ended up reading a lot of Wright's blog, and he's really a thoughtful writer about film. Get lost in the archives when you have a moment.

* In happier news, I know I post links to my friends' stuff a lot and some may take all that with a grain of salt, but for real? Laura Hudson's interview with Geoff Johns about Blackest Night may be the best comics interview I've read in well over a year. Really insightful and smart, and you can tell both parties were excited and honest in their feelings on the work at hand. If you read one link this week, etc.

* I'm not sure what the origin or stated goal of this fake New York Times opinion by Peter Parker is, but as Douglas Wolk pointed out, if you love '80s Claremont New Mutant comics, you're going to flip for it. Hell, I haven't even read that series, and I think it's pretty fun.

* Forget manga: the next great Japanese kids product is here.

* I can't fucking believe this site exists Link: Skinny Girls With Big Sandwiches. Seriously.

* My buddy Josh reminded me link: I'd forgotten how funny this McSweeney's diary of a Cobra recruit is. Chances of it being better than the movie I'm going to go see this weekend? 1,000%

* Tom Spurgeon is a better blogger than me Link: Because (amongst many, many other reasons) he finds stuff like this insane photoset of Superman puzzle cards drawn by Jack Kirby.

* Possibly illegal link: I'm not 100% this stuff will still be up, but last week, the Comic Book Movie site had bootlegs of the "Kick-Ass" footage shown at Comic-Con. It looked all right, but not nearly as bloody as the original John Romita, Jr. art.

* I've never met Chris Arrant, but I'm glad I follow him on Twitter Links: They've redesigned the Nickelodeon logo. Meh. Also: Here's a list of crazy metal covers of pop songs including videos!

* Ben McCool and Ben Templesmith's new series Choker has a website now!

* Finally, a thought-provoking NPR Blog post about what makes good comics. And thanks to Adam Tracey for that.

Now back to the Chicago Comic-Con!


Sam said...

I'm really perturbed by the Skinny Girls, Big Sandwiches site. I don't really understand the point.

Is it a weird fetish thing? Are people just that amused that a girl would eat a sandwich? (cause a lot of those sandwiches aren't that big) I don't get it.

Oh internet.

Ben Morse said...

Right? If those sandwiches are considered big, I'm feeling more self-conscious about my lunches.

Whatever, I'm just glad Leighton Meester is eating.

Rickey said...

What's a Leighton Meester?