Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pimping Her Stuff: The Diary Project

I was gonna either have Kiel handle this or do a special "Linko! Plus" or something, but then I remembered I have my own little recurring feature with which to plug the work of myself and my acquaintances.

My officemate (and sometimes she lets me say she's my friend) and the resident fashionista of Marvel.Com, Margarita Vaisman, started her own blog last week and thus far it's proving quite the read. The Diary Project is my pink-haired colleague picking out old actual diary entries from when she was like 12 and picking them apart from her current vantage point as a Manhattan sophisticate. The results are interesting, entertaining, and quite frankly adorable. Margarita came to our fair American shores from Mother Russia as a little girl, so her grasp of the English language as a child was pretty impressive, but I have to admit I love the way her kid self has trouble grasping tense, it is tres cute. And even though the writing is unmistakably that of a prepubescent girl, Margarita's admitted snootiness was shining through even then; if her hero Dakota Fanning had a blog, this would be it.

So do yoursef a favor: get caught in the Vais Grip and check out The Diary Project!

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