Monday, August 10, 2009

Art Attack: My crappy JLA drawing

Look what I found yesterday:

Yep, it's my attempt at aping Kevin Maguire's cover to the Justice League: A Midsummer's Nightmare trade. Did this last fall and tried to update the costumes of the various characters to match what they look like these days (except Martian Manhunter, who should never change his costume and who also should still be alive).

Things I Like:
-I think I do a decent job drawing J'onn J'onzz' face for some reason
-I didn't make Wonder Woman look completely hideous (which I tend to do with female characters)
-My Batman is fairly kick ass
-I do believe I pulled off a nice Kyle Rayner all the way up to his crab mask

Things I Don't Like:
-I did a terrible job trying to get Flash's body proportions right (he's...stumpy)
-Wonder Woman's hair sucks (that's usually the only part of drawing girls I'm good at)
-Superman's trunks look dumb (I tried and failed to do a Silver Age thing)
-I got lazy when it came to drawing the fish scales onto Aquaman's costume

Meant to post this eons ago so I'm glad I found it (and hope I didn't actually already post it months ago and forget).


TJ said...

I like how you accentuated everyone's packages differently.

Ben Morse said...

You draw what you know.

denpunk said...

nice work! a composite group piece like this is a challenge

Ben Morse said...

Thank you kindly, though I was really just copying for most of the figure work. said...

Oh my god, there's a lot of effective material in this post!

niroa said...

For my part everyone ought to glance at it.