Monday, August 3, 2009

Nova-rama Redux 10 months ago, I promised to post images from my vast Nova sketchbook and failed to deliver in spectacular fashion, something I only realized just now as I began this entry. See, I got some cool new Nova sketches while I was in San Diego and also had Rickey scan in some others I had sitting around for too long planning to throw them up with the others, but of course the others aren't actually up.

Oh well.

Since I'm in the mindset to post these newer sketches tonight, that's what I'm gonna do, and then some time in the very near future (I swear!) I'll complete the set.

Here are my newest additions plus some stragglers I just got around to scanning.

Fan art ("After Bruce Timm")
Can you believe I actually got fan art while I was at Wizard? And by "fan art," I mean fans of me sent me art. What a world. This is actually the second such piece I got as a poster from over on Comic Bloc used me as a model when he was doing a Teen Titans group portrait (because when you think Risk, you think Ben Morse).

This one I got though from a fellow Nova fan who had read about my own love for the character in Wizard and online and was kind enough to send me his rendition of the Human Rocket done up all Justice League Unlimited style. I wish I remembered the guy's name as I'd love to give him a plug here; not only does he nail Bruce Timm's style quite nicely, I definitely see some Steve Rude as well, and I've always wanted to see Steve Rude draw Nova. If you're reading this, artist of this piece, make yourself known!

Paolo Rivera
Remember when I was raving about Paolo Rivera a little while back? Here's another reason why.

After putting off asking Paolo for a commission for multiple cons because I figured his painted style would take too long, I summoned up the courage to ask for a Nova one Wizard World and got this beauty. I love the way Paolo treats Rich Rider as if he were just as iconic as Spider-Man or Captain America and gives him a classic, polished look and that wonderful Silver Age sci-fi whimsy. This is also one of only two Nova "sketches" (I really can't call this a sketch with a straight face) I have that's in color, so that makes it doubly awesome; just gorgeous.

Roger Langridge
I had to just about pinch myself when I saw that the BOOM! Studios booth was located just behind ours at Comic-Con and that Roger Langridge, writer/artist of the Muppets book I giggled like a schoolgirl for, was doing sketches for the always reasonable price of "whatever you feel they're worth" (which actually can be quite daunting given that I'd probably fork over a month's paycheck for somebody like Langridge, but if he's only asking me for like $20, I'm not gonna turn that down; ah, even nice, charitable dudes giving back to their fans create anxiety in this crazy business).

...anyways, I scampered over to BOOM! first thing in the morning before the lines formed, meekly struck up a conversation with the super polite (and quite British) Mr. Langridge about how awesome his Muppets were (and about some digital work he did for us) then asked if he might wanna contribute to my humble book, which he was down with to my delight. I chatted with a BOOM! intern while Roger did up a Nova who could easily fit in amongst Kermit and Gonzo, but also looks rad soaring through the sky as a super hero.

Todd Nauck
My amigo Todd has done more than one Nova sketch for me over the years, but his latest effort is by far my favorite. For one thing, I didn't even know he was doing it; we were out at Hennesey's bar and I was talking politics (or wedding stuff, one of the two) with Todd's wife Dawn while he and his buddy Ray were sketching up a storm on the other side of the table. I assumed Todd was getting caught up on commission work, but then he presented me with a fantastic Nova, proving yet again that Todd Nauck simply rocks. I love that Nova appears to have such quiet rage towards me for whatever reason and we spent a good 20 minutes trying to put together why exactly that was.

Not to be outdone, Ray did a rad Black Panther drinking a beer as well as a Namorita for Dawn while Todd turned around and did an Impulse for my boy Strommy. Good folks.

Mike McKone
Five years ago at my first Comic-Con, Mike McKone was one of the first pros I met and chatted with, but I have barely spoken to him at all since then, so I decided to re-make his acquaintance this year. Mike's as friendly as he is talented (which means he's very very friendly), so I had a blast hearing about his recent move to New York and advising him on how best to get to Jersey.

I approached Mike again later to warm him up for a video interview with my amigo Christopher Daniels (coming soon to!) and somewhere along the way mentioned that he was my fiancee's favorite artist (true statement--Megan loooooved Mike's run on Teen Titans). After Chris got done, Mike actually offered a sketch without behing asked (and of course Chris jumped in to ask for one too; the grasshopper has learned well) making my day as he's been on my list of the top five or so guys I wanted to get a Nova from for ages. He did not disappoint with this piece that seriously sizzles with cosmic energy; love the way he threw in the Kirby Krackles (TM) and how he got the expression on Rich's face just right.

More to come SOON!

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