Friday, August 28, 2009

Linko! XX

* Like every comic blog in the world is pointing out, I wanted to note that today is Jack "The King" Kirby's birthday. He would have been 92. You should spend some time today reading Kirby comics, but if you've none on hand, great ways to celebrate his life and art online include all the radical stuff Bully has up for today (and I nabbed the above image from this past Bully post), Tom Spurgeon's annual compilation of awesome Kirby panels (it's not loading properly right now, but I'm sure he'll fix it soon), the great Kirby Museum site I linked to last week or Mark Evanier's indispensable blog which I'm sure will have many jaw-dropping Kirby posts today and for the foreseeable future.

* In other "awesome people we've lost" news, songwriter Ellie Greenwich passed away this week. Andy Khouri points out how totally joy-inspiring some of her work was by posting this stone cold classic tune Greenwich wrote for The Crystals. Oh, and here's a nice post in the L.A. Times about folks remembering her too.

* I don't post a lot to Heidi MacDonald's The Beat mostly because I figure if you know what this blog is, you're reading her site on a regular basis without my recommendation. But in case you missed it, this "How To" on making a glowing Green Lantern ring she had up this week was pretty interesting. Well, it was interesting in the same way I found the first "Homemade Heroes" columns I read in Wizard when I was in the sixth grade, and I'd go, "Wow...that dude made a Solar Man of the Atom figure. Neat! I wonder if I could do that. Wait...doing that seems really fucking involved. Screw it, I'ma go play street hockey."

* If you live in Los Angeles, you should really go see "The Secret of Kells next month in possibly its only U.S. big screen showing. I'm dying to see this bad boy, but I live in Chicago. *sad face*

* Hey! Let's see if I can tie those last two posts together somehow. So earlier this week, Heidi Tweeted about this INSANE photoset of two people getting married under the giant Gundam they built in Tokyo. You really need to click through to the whole set. While I was marveling at the entire ordeal, I noticed that the robot is marked with a logo noting Tokyo's a candidate city for the 2016 Summer Olympics. Chicago is a candidate city too. We've got a building by the highway with a track runner painted on it. Shit. We're gonna lose, aren't we?

* More awesome anime stuff Link: Zach Oat posted this Flickr set of a massive Lego Voltron.

* I found this article in the Times about Germany's #1 detective TV series FASCINATING.

* Ridiculous music link: Kind of Bloop, an 8-bit tribute to Miles Davis. (Thanks, J. Suh)

* I don't watch G4 TV at all, but I've met Blair Butler, and she's really nice. So it surprised me when I found this cache of video interviews between Butler and Grant Morrison, which I guess no other blogs have linked to in two months?

* This video Warmoth posted of Quentin Tarantino talking about his top 20 films since he became a filmmaker was fun and kind of surprising.

* Cool Shit to Buy Link #1: My girlfriend Jami found a collection of adorable Bearbrick superhero cars on something called the Celebrity Baby Blog. Click through to see Batman and the Joker.

* Cool Shit to Buy Link #2: Brendan McGuirk pointed out this awesome Kirby Thor trucker hat. Oh man...did we just come full circle? I think so.


Jim Gibbons! said...

So...that Thor hat really excites my I go!

Ben Morse said...

"it was interesting in the same way I found the first "Homemade Heroes" columns I read in Wizard when I was in the sixth grade"

I made a Solitaire figure for that column around sixth or seventh grade. Still not sure why; I never bought a Solitaire comic.

Brian W said...

I'd love to see a picture of what Morrison looked like at Comic-Con 20 years ago if you ever find one.