Monday, August 31, 2009

Pod People: Robot Sweatshop

I know little to nothing about podcasts. And when I say, "little to nothing" I don't just mean about comics podcasts or what podcasts are cool. I'm not 100% sure what qualifies as a podcast, what the common formats for such programs are or how exactly they're made (my boy Pauly used to do a music one but then stopped when he lost his ipod...does owning an ipod make it easier?).

Right in step with my utter lack of knowledge on podcasting, I've slowly watched as a community of more tech-savvy nerds have seemingly taken the comics world by storm. There are podcast booths set up to do live reporting at every convention I've been at for the past three years from MoCCA to San Diego, and each day while reading sites like Dirk Deppey's Journalista I see mentions of comics podcasts that seem really up my alley, but I often click away in fear of the new.

Luckily for my luddite ass, our good buddy Dan Brooks co-hosts The Robot Sweatshop podcast, which he's been slowly reminding me to give a solid listen. Their latest installment boasts an interview with infamous comics douchebag the Yellow Hat Guy, which I think we may need to look at with our yuckster hats on and other links off the Sweatshop blog like this one right here made me want to pee myself a little.

As I go along with this, I think I may throw up an occasional review of whichever comics podcast I'm checking out in a given week, but for right now I think I'm a bit too close to Dan (though we've never met face-to-face, when I learned his band covered tunes of the first Fountains of Wayne album we became de facto bros for life) to offer a critical take, so I'ma just listen and dig for now.

If you've got a podcast you think I'll be into, drop it in the comments, and I promise to credit you if I review it and buy you a hot dog if I bump into you in real life.

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