Monday, August 24, 2009

Linko! XIX

A combination of a rough few weeks of late and some killer content from Ben and Rickey delayed this here post on Friday, and I'm going to let things fly fast and furious here, so try and keep up then scroll down for more better essays by my buds.

* Behold! Paul Conrad draws a Kirby-ish version of Luke Cage, via the fun Kirby-Vision blog at the online Kirby Museum and Brendan McGuirk.

* I'm not 100% what the mission statement behind the Hilobrow blog is, but any site that publishes a short essay by Douglas Wolk about Ogden Nash is cool by me. Ogden is a name in need of a comeback, by the by.

* Don't be like my friend Jenny Suh. Don't be one of CNN's annoying Facebook updaters.

* Jim Gibbons pointed me towards this great site of Post-It Note comics with this worthwhile entry by Derek Erdman about running teenage phone cons in suburban Ohio.

* One of CBR's regular reviewers Chad Nevett spent the weekend on a non-stop comics review blog-a-thon. Catch the results here.

* There are plenty of semi-funny articles on that are semi-related to comic books, but while screwing around on there for ten minutes last week, I found one that was both actually pretty funny and semi-educational: a list of comic characters ripped off from other concepts.

* Speaking of fun lists, my bud Caleb rocks out The 10 Most Abysmal Superhero Video Games for Topless Robot.

* For Brian Warmoth: A Swedish photoblog I happened across.

* Twitter is a strange place, entry #487: David LaFuente passed this to Leigh Walton who passed it to Brendan McGuirk who passed it to me: Bryan Hitch weighs in on the "fast vs. good" debate in comic art. I kind of feel like we've all got some nerd STD now.

* Newsarama Blogger Sarah Jaffe often makes me feel bad about myself with all the serious social political news she also blogs about. Occasionally, she crosses the two worlds as in this essay about women UFC fighters in relation to superheroines and sexuality.

* Finally, via Bryan Lee O'Malley, dance like a crazy person to the German opening of "Sailor Moon":


Brian W said...

It's like they designed that country to look like a big hug.

Rickey said...

I literally just sat and read that Post-It comic from start to finish. Thanks, Kiel.

hcg said...

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