Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lynn Phegley Watches "Lost" - "LA X"

My mom's name is Lynn Phegley. She teaches music to elementary school kids in Grand Blanc, Michigan. She likes classic Hollywood musicals, trashy romance novels and "Sex In The City."

And for some reason she's seen damn near every episode of "Lost."

I'm not sure how to account for this. I know she started watching it with me at the pilot, but her following the show has taken on a life of its own even though since day one, she's made a point of calling me up after every new episode to tell me how dumb she thought it was. This has been going on for six years, and was a favorite past time of Ben and I's when we shared an office at Wizard. So, I figured this being the last season, I'd open up and share mom's thoughts on the series twists and turns with all of you.

I don't know if we'll do this every week because sometimes it gets a bit repetitive, but if anyone has any questions they'd like me to ask mom about her dedication to the show or what she thinks of any of the characters/plotlines, please let me know.

Also: I guarantee that those of you who like to read blogs digging in to the metaphorical underpinnings of the show looking for clues and analysis will almost certainly get nothing out of this. And thanks to this site for the screencaps.

Let's begin.


"I didn't think they were going to stay dead. I think Juliet is coming back to life...unless they all have another job somewhere. That's the only way you could track it."

[I point out she's in that "V" remake.]

"In that what remake? Oh. That dumb show.

"I was about to call you and go, 'Who do you think is going to pop back to life?' and then there went Sayid. It was dumb. 'What happened?' No one knows. And they're on the plane, and they don't know each other again. And the father's body is stuck on the island somewhere. You got me. There's something wrong with this whole story. I like a story that wraps up neatly."


"I kept thinking, 'Locke is going to pop back to life.' They're trying to say he was a tragedy, but I don't believe that either. Whoever this Smoke Monster is...they send signals to let them know they should be worried, and then they don't kill him!

"And why was [Richard] in chains? How does that work? So did he kill him or just knock him out? He just picked him up and carried him off the beach. That didn't make sense."


"How does Hurley get to be so smart when he used to be so dumb? He always figures it out and goes, 'Dude, you can speak English because you're not asking him to translate my answer.' So how did he get so persistent all of the sudden?"


"That would be dumb. Their universe just hasn't lined up yet is what happened. They can't stay like they are for very long. It's too strange for fiction. I don't get science fiction, I guess. That other book [The Hunger Games] was dumb too."


"I can't even tell you. I don't know. It's stupid. I want them to get back in the time warp or something. Get them all in the same time and space because I don't really go for this time traveling. I don't really like that. But I don't think that's the whole premise of the show. 'Time Traveling.' Do you?"


Ben Morse said...

This is the greatest feature in the history of this blog. Your mother is a fantastic woman.

Rickey said...

I'm now only discussing Lost with Sam and your mom. THAT'S IT. I give no shits what anybody else thinks and I want us to have lunch again before summer. There. I said it.