Friday, February 19, 2010


* New entry of "Lynn Phegley Watches Lost" will hit over the weekend, but in the meantime just so you know how smart and rad my mom is, the stuff we've been seriously talking about aside from Lost includes this and this.

* Thanks to Joanna Draper Carlson for rounding up the list of NY Times Funny Pages comics that are still archived online. I was seriously looking for these last week and could not find them using any of the tools actually on the Times front page, including search. FAIL.

* In case you missed it, I'm pretty sure that this interview with Tim Kring is going to end up being the official tombstone for "Heroes." I don't know. Maybe it'll last another year. God only knows what'll happen with NBC. What I do know is that it was kind of fun to be doing those interviews with Kring during the show's early years, but I'm glad that's not part of my job anymore. Some day, we'll reference that show as the nadir of the superhero trend in Hollywood in some funny and entirely unflattering ways.

* There's a Chicago Rockabilly culture?!?!? How did I not know about these people already? (Via Warmoth)

* You know, sometimes I put links in here just to have them saved someplace so I can search them up later? In those cases, I usually go, "Here's an interesting blog about how Wordpress and web comics work together" making sure to use easily google-able words like Word and press and web and comics. See?

* I'm sure a lot of you have seen these already, but Bully's series of President's Day posts of presidents in comics are both hilarious and awe inspiring. See how deep his Abe Lincoln entry goes???

* Stuffy Old Literature Links: this article about the family plantation journal and its information about life in the time of slavery that heavily influenced William Faulkner's novels is fascinating on many levels.

* I swear to God I had a reason for bookmarking this fashion slideshow aside from the fact that it was labeled "Wang Collection" but I can't for the life of me remember what that reason would be.

* Best thing I've read on in months? Their series of stories on the history of the DM that were written for the print magazine first years ago. Does anyone else find this akin to Wizard launching a new blog by putting up one of their rad Steve Ditko profiles from the late '90s?

* Holy shit: Full classic rehearsal video of Prince and the Revolution.

* This NPR post on Aquaman's return is fucking chock full of nerdy detail on the character's entire publishing history, which I love because it's fun to read about all those insane stories in one place and because I don't feel like I can cross "giant Aquaman post" off my long list of blogs I'll probably never get to because of my real job.

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Ben Morse said...

There should be no such thing as "blogs I'll probably never get to because of my real job." That's quitter talk, and the Kiel Phegley I know is no quitter, particularly when it comes to drinking and making sweet love.