Sunday, February 14, 2010

Paragraph Movie Reviews: Couples Retreat

If you don't have plans to see this movie, you can check the spoilers here and then come back.

Perfectly acceptable romantic comedy with more good parts than bad, but nothing to make it really stand out or vault it into any sort of legendary pantheon. Not a lot of depth to the plot as it's pretty cookie cutter stuff for the genre with the usual physical comedy bits thrown in, but points for there actually being some realistic stakes even if they're not blockbusters. It coasts a lot on the charm of its ensemble, Vince Vaughn especially, and that's cool as he's game to deliver; honestly, the best part of the movie is probably enjoying any dialogue between Vaughn and Jon Favreau as those two still just have such an easy, undeniable chemistry that they're able to slip back into without missing a beat. Jason Bateman doesn't fare quite as well as he really has trouble playing the token neurotic without taking it five steps too far and making you want to root against him rather than find him quirky (it also doesn't help that he's yet to find a role that doesn't make you wish he was just playing Michael Bluth instead, and this is certainly no exception). Malin Akerman is consistent and grounds the movie while Kristin Davis is pretty bland and there seemingly to just raise her eyebrow a lot to imply that she is flirting. Kristen Bell is great and impressive in that she elevates herself via performance to seem the same age as the rest of the cast, but unfortunately it's hard to get past the fact that based purely on appearance she looks like she could be any of the male leads' daughters. Faizon Love is fun and Jean Reno has a nice, weirdo turn as a relationship guru. End of the day, it's nothing work seeking out if you've got no interest, but if you've got nothing else to watch, you'll get some decent laughs and a nice moment or two.


dvdvoice said...

Don't believe I've ever seen Malin Akerman before, but she was worth seeing this movie for. She was great.
I enjoyed the movie overall. I'll recommend it to my friends - not to everyone because not everyone has the same tastes, but I know some who will. Thanks for the review.

Ben Morse said...

She's been in The Heartbreak Kid, Watchmen, some other stuff. This was probably my favorite performance of hers I've seen outside her supporting role in The Proposal, so maybe she's born to play the sympathetic lady in romcoms.