Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cap's Last Supper

Yesterday I wrote a bit about my chat with the legendary Joe Simon about, among other things, the "death" of his most famous creation, Captain America. I related a story Joe told me about painting a version of Jesus' last supper with Cap seated center one of the times Marvel had told him they were killing the character off.

Though it's been over two years since I heard about this piece, I've never actually seen it...until today.

The esteemed Kevin Melrose over at Robot 6 gave my post a nice plug and then, upon reader request, unearthed the famous painting.

So cool! Every bit as rad as I imagined it would be and I'm so glad Kevin found and posted it. For those wondering, the "Gail Simon" whose name appears in the bottom corner is Joe's daughter ("Leonardo" of course is Leonardo da Vinci, who did the original painting of Jesus' final meal, and I love that Joe credits him in the same way somebody would put "After Byrne" if they did a knock-off of that Days of Future Past cover).

Ok, so I can pick out The Red Skull, 3-D Man, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, The Thing and The Fighting American among the assembled diners, anybody know who the rest are? And anybody know enough about da Vinci's piece to comment on if there's any significance to the placement of folks?

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