Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Comic Shop Stop: What I Bought This Week

Sometimes it's new stuff. Sometimes it's old stuff. Sometimes it'll be back issues or the same ol' thing I got 4 weeks ago. Whatever the case is, here's what I got at the shop this week (lemme know if you wanna borrow anything):

Remember the sale at Midtown last week? I went back and grabbed the following:

SKIM - I had a copy of this graphic novel from Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki back when I was at Wizard, but never read it and I can't find it anymore. So I grabbed another and the brush art, tone and camera angles remind me of Night Fisher, one of my favorite books.

ALMOST SILENT - I don't own a whole lot of Jason's work - although I've read a good chunk of it thanks to David - so I grabbed this hardcover collecting the formerly stand-alone graphic novels "The Living and the Dead," "You Can't Get There From Here," "Tell Me Something," and "Meow, Baby." And all for only $25! He started my Watchmen sketchbook, so he holds a special place in my heart.

Otherwise, this week I only picked up:

MEGA MAN MEGAMIX VOL. 1 - I'm not a gamer, and I've never bought an all-ages manga before, but this beautiful collection of Hitoshi Ariga's comics set in the INGENIOUSLY designed video game franchise blew my mind. Please check out this story from CBR for some sample pages and plorp your eyeballs out over that TENSE energy. This thing's so action-packed with robots punching and kicking and shooting and sound-effecting and speed-lining the fuck out of each other that I literally can't stop flipping through it enough right now to get this posted in a timely manner. Next time you're in a shop, flip through a copy and respect that heavy-metal heart. I gotta assume it's books like this that guys like Bryan Lee O'Malley (Scott Pilgrim) and Corey Lewis (Sharknife) are channeling in their work.

Otherwise, I didn't buy anything else at the comic shop today, but I DID notice the following:

1. Salgood Sam's comfy art in today's "Ghostbusters: Tainted Love" one-shot REALLY reminded me of Farel Dalrymple.

2. Dan Hipp (Amazing Joy Buzzards) did the art inside today's Ben 10 Alien force graphic novella from Del Rey Manga written by Peter David!

3. The inside cover paperstock on Popgun Vol. 4 almost made me drool it was so slick.

And that's it. I was able to get my hands on today's Walking Dead, Astounding Wolf-Man, and King City for free, so I'm skipping writing them up this week. What'd you guys get?

(Quick disclaimer: I borrow a LOT of stuff from Ben each week from Marvel, so I don't always buy single issues of the Marvel books. And I get everything from DC, WildStorm, Vertigo, and Zuda for free, so I never really buy anything from them unless I'm picking up for somebody else. So don't take my exclusion of DC stuff as a sign that the books aren't good enough to buy. They are. So there.)


demoncat said...

you look like you had a dry spell there rick for only liked the second pick. of yours.

Ben Morse said...

Why yes, I would like to borrow that Mega Man collection at your earliest possible convenience. :-)

That is if I don't break down and buy it first.

ItalianDragon said...

Yo, you guys read the Nick Simmons manga? That comic is off the chain.

Joleen said...

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