Monday, June 14, 2010


* I was out drinking the other night, and the bartender showed me Robot Unicorn Attack. Thank you, sir.

* Everyone else who posted this was right: this X-Men/Futurama mash-up is pretty rockin. Way to go, Carl.

* Roman Gladiator Cemetery Found In England.

* Mighty Crusaders Link! - Seriously, you guys...every once in a while I accidentally refind something on Dial B For Blog, and I miss it even more. Browse the archives, huh?

* I really wanted to enjoy this article on the connections between Walt Disney and Osamu Tezuka, and I really just couldn't. Sigh. (Via!)

* However, in the "things I can enjoy any day of the week" category? Andi Watson illustrates typefaces with pretty girls. YES. YesYesYesYesYes. (Via!)

* The must-buy T-shirt of the summer. (Via!)

* I can't tell if AOL posting this video of Salma Hayek freaking out over a giant snake is really mean or really funny. I'm leaning towards funny.

* The redhead above is my cousin Kacey. That's right – my cousin Kacey does Hetalia: Axis Powers cosplay. Is my cousin cooler than you? Probably.

* The sad thing is that I've seen a few of these insane knock-off action figures on sale in NYC.

* Finally, my brother Brian is convinced this dude below is better than that Korean drummer. I'm not entirely convinced, but he is pretty fucking bad ass:


Addy's Daddy said...

I'm pretty sure that guy was trained at the Chris Farley School of Drumming....

Jack Schmier said...

If they make a sequel to robot unicorn attack, I'm petitioning them to use Unicorn Bible by Champions of Breakfast.

Sam said...

i very much appreciate this Robot Unicorn game. It makes my soul happy.

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