Sunday, June 13, 2010


Kevin Mahadeo here and welcome to my very first post on the Cool Kids Table! I apologize for the long delay since my very kind introduction by the awesome Ben Morse, but it's been a crazy couple of weeks. But all the madness has died down for now and I am free to finally compose my first entry.

So, what's this long awaited first post going to be about? I thought long and hard about that one. I contemplated listing some of my favorite comics from the past couple of months, giving a general idea of my personal tastes, or ranting about how Superman is totally cool and why he's my favorite super hero, or even break down my views on the recent "Batman" issue #700--which is a perfect example of my love/hate relationship with Grant Morrison.

But no. I knew what this first post needed to be about. See, if there's one thing I've learned about this crazy life it's that none of us would make it without the kindness of others and the help of friends. I certainly wouldn't be here now without it. When Wizard first offered me an internship position in New York way back in February 2007, I was living in South Florida, just recently out of college. Accepting the offer meant packing up all my stuff and moving to an area where, save for a few family members, I didn't know anyone. But it really wasn't much of a choice for me. I love comics and pop culture. Both Superman and Kermit the Frog, from his Sesame Street News Flash days, actually influenced my desire to get into creative writing and journalism. So, off I went to New York, super excited to work in a field I loved yet nervous as all hell not knowing a single person out there.

Thankfully, that nervousness didn't last long. Rickey, Ben and Kiel immediately made me feel welcome. These guys not only helped me open up and befriend all the other awesome Wizard dudes, but as fellow writers they vastly helped me improve my style and abilities. Without them, I probably wouldn't have lasted long at Wizard and never have had the awesome memories I do of my time in New York before the great Wizard Ousting of 2009. Heck, even after that, they still helped me in ways I could never repay, from just being there to chat comics and make me feel better after everything went down to hooking me up with freelance work that without I'd be broke on the street.

So, I knew my very post had to be this: Thank you to Ben Morse, Kiel Phegley and Rickey Purdin. Not only for inviting me onto the Cool Kids Table, but also for being awesome pals.

As to the future, stay tuned! I promise to post a lot more frequently, and on all sorts of topics--from comics to movies to television to even every day awesomeness.


Ben Morse said...

You were worth the wait. :)

Rickey said...

Hugs and high-fives, Kevin.

KP said...

I never make anyone feel welcome anywhere.

Ben Morse said...