Friday, June 4, 2010

Linko! XLVII

* Mod King Mob is only one of the rad pieces by Rogan Josh you can find on his ModHERO webpage and his Tumblr. I'm getting the feeling dude is pretty well known considering the fact that Allan Heinberg is asking for commissions, but I'd never heard of him until my friend Holly sent me the link, so there you go.

* Robert Ebert's essay on frisson is the latest in a long line of occurrences that make me want to stop looking at the internet forever.

* I could have told you that Ron Moore's point of view on "Battlestar Galactica" was heavily influenced by the writing he did on "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" (still the best Trek by a country mile) without official confirmation, but it's nice to get said confirmation anyway (thanks, Jill). And that reminds me, if you're a BSG fan and haven't read John Hodgman's 2005 NY Times profile on Moore and the show's creation, you need to do that fucking yesterday.

* Semi-related: Sean was right to point us towards Ta-Nehisi Coates' brief takedown of "Firefly." Whedon lost me sometime after the third season of "Buffy" and never really got me back, and I think I'm agreeing with TNC on why: the characters in his shows just never really come alive for me.

* Calling Dave Paggi Link: The dog art of Brian Rubenacker.

* I'll be turning 30 in the semi-nearish future, so I ended up taking the bait and clicking through to this List of 30 Books Everyone Should REad Before Their 30th Birthday. Can anyone with ten minutes to spare look at it and tell me why these books should be of that importance at that age, because the author sure as hell didn't. Also: you want me to read "How To Win Friends and Influence People"? Go fuck yourself.

* These classic Looney Tunes backgrounds just kind of bum me out because I know we're unlikely to ever get as many high quality cartoons as the Termite Terrace put out ever again (Via Tom!)

* Let's wrap with some nice Green Lantern art courtesy of the always fun Comic Books Tumbr!

First it's Ice and Guy Gardner by Kisaru!

Finally, there's the whole earth corps of GLs by Charles Holbert, Jr.!

Have a good weekend, gang!

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