Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lynn Phegley Watches "Lost" - "The Package"

My mom's name is Lynn Phegley. She teaches music to elementary school kids in Grand Blanc, Michigan. She likes classic Hollywood musicals, trashy romance novels and "Sex In The City."

And for some reason she's seen damn near every episode of "Lost."

Each week of the series last season, I'm opening up the blog to mom to share her thoughts on what happened. I guarantee that those of you who like to read blogs digging in to the metaphorical underpinnings of the show looking for clues and analysis will almost certainly get nothing out of this. And thanks to this site for the screencaps.

Let's begin.


"I didn't think Jin and Sun's story was that interesting. They're story is just starting at the end of this episode. How does she get well and stay pregnant and get where they're going? THAT'S what they should have showed. They didn't complete that story because that's what I wanted to know. I wanted to see if they get married and run away from her father after her father took all the money out of the bank. They didn't do much for their story tonight. The only thing they did was form an alliance in the real time of the Island. Jin and Jack are forming an alliance. 'Do you trust me?' I wouldn't trust anybody.

"I thought Sun didn't tell what's his name that he spoke English.

[Me: In the flash sideways, they're not married so she never had a reason to cheat on him and learn English.]

"Oh, for God's sake! Here I was thinking, 'He took it really well that she was pregnant after he shot her.'"


"What was new and exciting about this week? Nothing. The main villain talks to the Locke Monster. No surprise. I couldn't figure out goofy Claire. And now, the Locke Monster is playing all sides against the middle. And how does he know that they all have to be there to get off the Island?

"I was looking at them going, 'Oh now what? Jin who was a peasant fisherman is going to look at this map and become a scientist?' [Laughs] That Tina Fey woman is about as mean as they come, but she's just a flunky too. He tells her, 'Go get the package.'

"That was Desmond at the end? Where did they get him? So then what? I don't know. That 'V' show says, 'There's going to be a war!' and this show says the same thing. They're all doom and gloom shows. I don't care for doom or gloom.

"It's beyond me. I could have watched the 'American Idol' and have been just as happy. Or now I'm watching '16 And Pregnant.' I can watch stupid teenagers getting pregnant instead!"

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