Friday, April 2, 2010

Linko! XLII

* Commerce Link: I think I'ma buy this T-Shirt and write it off on my taxes.

* Everyone else linked to this feature on the 40th Anniversary of legendary underground comix publisher Last Gasp, so I figured I would too. You should read it!

* Lit Nerd Link: The Letters of Note blog highlights a missive where Jack Kerouac says William Burroughs "has gone insane e as" and drops other wacky phrases.

* Tom Peyer's love of the Adam West Batman show cracks me up.

* Here's a rad interview with my buds The Champions of Breakfast (at left) and Kommie Kilpatrick (at right). Champions are on tour now in advance of their new album. I'm seeing them tonight. See if they come to your town!

* What is THE BLOOP?

* This stage adaptation of Dhalgren sounds wicked cool.

* Let's wrap with a great video courtesy of the great Rob Schrab:

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