Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lynn Phegley Watches "Lost" - Intermission

Sorry, gang. With C2E2 and taxes coming up, I haven't had a minute to write up mom's thoughts on last week's episode, but I'll get you guys a double dose once this weekend's madness wraps. In the meantime, here's a text mom sent me earlier this evening.

"Update on Lost for tonight Liz asked me if Kate was going to get killed tonight. I said I dont think so but it's about Hurley. I said I think they're going to wait a few more weeks before they start killing people off. Then we realized she was talking about Kate Gosselin on Dancing w/The Stars! Such is my dual interests in life. I also have realized that the reason I find the story of lost so frustrating is that if it were a novel I would have skipped to the end by now! Talk to you soon."

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OutriderC said...

Anyone else stroke it to Kate?