Thursday, April 8, 2010

Melrose Memo: Cancelled!

Y’know, I made this decision a few days ago and honestly thought The CW would beat me to the punch, but I guess I’m glad they didn’t.

Anyways, pretty obviously from the title of this post, I’m through blogging about the new Melrose Place for the time being. Now for likely several more sentences than most of you care about why that is.

Not much to tell other than this show has failed to be either so good I want to break it down and analyze it or alternatively so bad that I enjoy tearing it to shreds. At first, it was the former, and then for a bit it was the latter, now it’s just kinda in the middle.

I don’t hate the new Melrose or want it to fail and do still think with some tweaks it could be decent—I just don’t feel like pointing them out every week (but seriously, stop focusing on Jonah/Riley and get Katie Cassidy to tone it the fuck down). I’m not having fun with this little endeavor so it’s time to stop. I’m enjoying the show a bit more when I’m not scribbling notes and do actually think it’s picked up a bit the last couple weeks.

I’m not sure MP v 2.0 will get picked up for a second season (unlikely, but then again, they just had the actors doing PSAs for texting and driving a couple weeks ago and that doesn’t seem like something you’d have people no longer working for you do, unless they filmed them awhile back); I hope they do, but if not, I’ll save space and deliver my final post-mortem here.

The new Melrose Place was not the old Melrose Place and likely never would have been/will regardless of how many seasons it ran/run. I can see now that that program was a product not only of the writers and actors, but also a time period that allowed for something so gloriously over-the-top and even limited filmmaking technology that created endearing low budget shots and crappy scenery.

I will miss Melrose Memo—and Megan just told me she will too, so apparently she does read this blog!—but whether it’s for just another week or another season or too, I do believe I’ll enjoy the show more without it and taking it on its own merits (or lack thereof).

So it’s not farewell, gang, just “I won’t be making fun of you in digital print anymore.”

I’ll never forget you, Auggie—I’d like to, but I seriously can’t.

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