Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pimping Our Stuff: We Are the LAW

You know the old saying "quality over quantity"? That's kinda our unofficial motto over at We Are the LAW (or it is now because I just came up with it and haven't told anybody yet--cool, right guys?).

For those of you not aware, We Are the LAW is a sketchblog those of us here share with buddies of ours like T.J. Dietsch, Zach Oat, Matt Powell, Sean T. Collins and other luminaries. We're not really any of us artists--though some of those cats sure can doodle--but we love to have fun, and hopefully it shows in the stuff we put out there.

The deal is every so often one of us will throw out a random ass character or concept, then we all give it a go. We've done our own characters, like Sean's Destructor, and themes, like Batman through time. Most recently, we tackled Captain Caveman, including Rickey and myself (his and my sketches respectively below).So anyhow, when you've got a free minute, go plant a tree...then maybe check out We Are the LAW.

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