Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lynn Phegley Watches "Lost" - "Sundown"

My mom's name is Lynn Phegley. She teaches music to elementary school kids in Grand Blanc, Michigan. She likes classic Hollywood musicals, trashy romance novels and "Sex In The City."

And for some reason she's seen damn near every episode of "Lost."

Each week of the series last season, I'm opening up the blog to mom to share her thoughts on what happened. I guarantee that those of you who like to read blogs digging in to the metaphorical underpinnings of the show looking for clues and analysis will almost certainly get nothing out of this. And thanks to this site for the screencaps.

Let's begin.


"Now Sayid's going over to the dark side? He was always on the dark side. He's a killer in all of his lives. These people are self-preservationists. He's always been a killer, and Kate would do anything to preserve herself, you know? She killed her father or whatever.

"Ben he realized Sayid was over on the dark side, so he skipped town.

"I thought the only surprising thing was when Sayid went, 'Oh, I made a similar bargain.' And he says, 'Are you go to go, or are you going to stay?' and Sayid goes, 'I think I'm going to stay' and then he drowns the guy!

"But the end was dumb. And how did that one girl know where to put her hand in the bricks?"


"What was Jim doing in the freezer?

"And what is it they say at the end of every episode: "answers will be given!" HA! It's not coming together. You're crazy if you think it's coming together. [My best friend] Liz goes, 'What a waste' at the end of the hour. I go, 'Amen!' She says, 'How many hours have you wasted on this show already?' and I go, 'Too many!' We've wasted all of our hours, really.

"They don't know where they're story is going, so they're going through growing pains. Somebody goes, 'Oh, wouldn't it be cool if we did this?' And then someone else goes, 'Oh! And then it will be cool if we do this! And then...we'll figure a way to tie it all back together.' They don't have a clue.

"I want to know what happened to those two people they buried alive way back at the beginning. Whoever they were. I always figured that was something they never resolved.

"If they were still on Wednesdays, I'd have given up by now because I go to visit Aunt Dorothy then."

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Sam said...

Your mom's viewings of Lost reminds me of my own viewings of Grey's Anatomy: I was hooked a long time ago and now watch out of obligation but every 30 seconds yell at the screen because it's stupid and makes no sense.

Also, I'm interested to see if she's pleased with Miles' discovery of Nikki and Paulo.