Friday, March 26, 2010

Linko! XLI

* I'm not sure what I love most about this AD&D coloring book I found via Doug Sherwood's Tumblr: the fact that it's officially called a "coloring album" so nerds would feel less awful about owning a coloring book, the fact that it was its own playable game written by Gary Gygax or the fact that it includes this gnarly picture of an old hag riding a fire-breathing horse:

No yeah, it's definitely the gnarly old hag.

* I know everyone has already linked to this, but I'm SO PUMPED that J. Torres and J. Bone's Alison Dare is coming back even in reprints and am holding out hope for more stories down the road. I also chortled heartily at Tom Spurgeon's noting how the publisher's name was the "frightening appellation Tundra."

* Speaking of Tom, lot's of good web comics recommendations to be found if you've got the wherewithal to go through all the links from one of his previous "Five For Friday" audience participation numbers that I didn't enter because I never check my Google Reader web comics account enough because I am lame and suck and am ashamed.

* More cool web comics and mini comics to read up on here.

* Jules Feiffer NY Times Review!

* Arts & Crafts Link: The NES cartridge harmonica.

* This post called "Some Myths About The Current Health Bill Explained" is not what you think and totally worth your time.

* Master of the Obvious Link: Miyazaki comics are always so fucking pretty looking.

* Always a good reminder Link: Kurt Vonnegut's Eight Rules For Writing A Short Story

* Maybe it's because I grew up reading some of these same guys on the Batman comics of the '80s with a few stylistic/printing changes and some new blood in the mix, but I was fascinated the other day by this entry about every major and minor Batman artist in the '70s. It was like stepping into another universe, y'all. [NOTE: Above? Klaus Janson!!!]

* Work Link: Props to my bud Alex Dueben on a nice Chip Kidd interview.

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