Friday, March 5, 2010


* David Hahn draws things that are sooooooo pretty. Check out more on his new website.

* Almost totally unrelated Link: The other day while googling Hahn's name, I found out that there's a whole 'nother David Hahn from Michigan who tried to build his own nuclear reactor in his back yard. Read about this shit.

* This was on Robot 6 today so most of you have probably seen it, but i had it bookmarked already and it was too adorable to not link to: 5-Minute Marvels.

* My girlfriend Jami and I talk a lot about what our core beliefs are in relation to both her continued study of psychology and in terms of life in general. Anyway, when we read the quote at the top of this Wikipedia entry, we knew we had another addition to our personal lists.

* Dave Paggi found the Hipster Puppies Tumblr. Dave Paggi is a hero to children.

* I was all too ready to write off Time's Techland blog as absolutely worthless for comics writing, and then they hired Douglas Wolk to write things like this about Batman & Robin. Smart move, Time.

* Mostly for Ben: Click on this link to read a collection of old DC Speedster stories including one from when Max Mercury was still called Quicksilver.

* I think I'm gonna learn how to do Cassette Scratching whenever I get off my ass and find the time to also build a Gameboy synth.

* I super enjoyed this article about current renovations efforts in my beloved hometown of Flint, Michigan not only because it put an honest and positive spin on recent events there but also because it had some nice photos of parts of the city that actually look beautiful and livable.

* Yeah, everyone else already linked to Muppet Wicker Man. Yeah, they were right to do so.

* Thanks to Tom Spurgeon for pointing me towards old school Encyclopedia Brown newspaper comics. I've had an intensely personal and passionate connection to EB since I first got one of his books for Book It! in the third grade, and one day I hope to share that passion with y'all.

* Possibly the meanest thing I've ever fucking seen someone do on Facebook.

* Let's end this entry with something as bright and happy as the image that started it. A pic Landry Walker posted of Supergirl approving of his Supergirl comic:

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Rickey said...

Whichever group I fall in, I think the Dunning-Kruger effect is either why I don't do more or why I do so little.