Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Comic Shop Stop: What I Bought This Week

Sometimes it's new stuff. Sometimes it's old stuff. Sometimes it'll be back issues or the same ol' thing I got 4 weeks ago. Whatever the case is, here's what I got at the shop this week (lemme know if you wanna borrow anything):

UNLOVABLE - Esther Pearl Watson could draw comics using shampoo ingredients as scripts, and I'd still buy them. Luckily, this book is partly based on some girl's embarrassingly uninhibited diary Watson found in a gas station bathroom, so the content is more interesting than a list of chemicals that clean your hair. Volume 1 both cracked me up AND made me a sad panda, so I bought this new (final) one sight unseen.

CROSSED #9 (actually, sadly #8) - The cashier lady at Midtown asked what this was about while I was checking out, and I felt a little awkward cause a half-nekkid girl was on the cover. But I told her and she didn't look disgusted, so like the shirts of cool kids in Oklahoma predominantly said when I was in 6th grade: NO FEAR. Also, fuck those kids - they were dicks. Also, when I got home, I realized the variant I picked was actually a new version of issue #8, which I already own. Thanks, Avatar. Not confusing at all.

WOLVERINE WEAPON X #11 - I love Deathlok more than I've ever publicly let on (did you catch Jason Aaron's Deathlok Easter egg in the Grant Morrison character-palooza Wolverine: The List?) so I HAD to buy this issue. Some comics intimately tied to a devastating area of my past starred Deathlok, and I like Jason Aaron and Ron Garney bunches. Now I'm planning on picking this up within the next month...

SWORD #22 - The Luna Brothers got my goat. I love this book.

ULTIMATE AVENGERS #5 - I reread issues 1-4 last night to see if I was still game for issuey #5 - and I was! Might wait for trades after this arc ends, though.

(Quick disclaimer: I borrow a LOT of stuff from Ben each week from Marvel, so I don't always buy single issues of the Marvel books. And I get everything from DC, WildStorm, Vertigo, and Zuda for free, so I never really buy anything from them unless I'm picking up for somebody else. So don't take my exclusion of DC stuff as a sign that the books aren't good enough to buy. They are. So there.)

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demoncat said...

i can not beleve Rick you were embarrassed over the cover to crossed for surely the clerk has seen worse then a lady with something written on her shirt. Ultimates not my taste. Wolverine vs Death stroke cool and two marvels on this list.