Friday, April 3, 2009


It's Friday, which means if you're anything like me you're sitting around, listening to Live at Budokan and waiting for something interesting to happen until the weekend starts. If you're jonesing for something fun to read while you kill the rest of your 9 to 5, well...scroll down and read Ben's better post on Deadpool. But if you've already read that, here are some links I found on Twitter this morning worth a clicky.

* Via Scott Pilgrim creator and known Canadian Bryan Lee O'Malley comes a story on how the Girl Scouts now have a comics merit badge. Actually, I'm not 100% that the Girl Scouts call them merit badges, but as someone who was a Boy Scout for near 15 years I'm not looking up their terminology out of sheer jealousy.

* Everyone knows Marvel's Agent M is king nerd of Twitter, but what that means for us is that sometimes he posts interesting links from other folks who aren't super obsessed with zombies and tacos. Today, he brought word of a corporate change in the owners of the classic Harvey Comics characters library, which will now be owned under the Boomerang Media banner. From the looks of it, this is just two guys who used to own the characters buying them back, so I doubt we'll see any new Hot Stuff comics in 2009. Crummy.

* If you're looking for another massive time suck try this Wiki for public domain superheroes, the linking of which reminds me that you can also lose valuable hours reading public domain Golden Age comics for free.

* Finally, the Agent of the M brings a video of a dude playing the '90s X-Men cartoon theme over on his Tumblr blog.

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