Friday, April 17, 2009

Linko! II

It's that time again, gang! That lovely time at the end of the week when instead of diligently finishing up your Friday workload, you screw around on the interwebs to kill time. It's Linko! As usual, I'm culling a lot of what I share from random crap sent to me via my Twitter page, although I've got a few other sources of fun coming your way this week. Let's do it!

- Every once in a while, we all need a reminder of how awesome Robert Goodin's Covered blog really is. The above cover of Venom #1 by Breakfast Crew creator Jon Vermilyea is one such reminder. Although, for my money, Goodin's own cover of an old Uncle Scrooge piece that currently tops the site is pretty damn amazing too. Check it out!

- And speaking of radical covers, BOOM! assistant editor/former awesome comics blogger/radical dude I hung out with in San Francisco once Ian Brill has been posting links to some stunning covers of upcoming BOOM! books like the above piece by Bill Sienkiewciz for the first issue of the publisher's Do Android's Dream of Electric Sheep? (AKA the better title for the book "Blade Runner" was based on) adaptation. He's also posted links to new work by David Petersen and Jeff Panosian. Feel free to drool.

- How's about you go look at what Brian Warmoth has to say about the new Harry Potter trailer only to have some hardcore Potter fans descend upon the comments thread?

- Via a Comics Should Be Good entry that mentioned my name (Google Alert! Kiel Is Self-Obsessed!), I discovered a new blog called Monomythic that looks at different representations of classic heroic fiction tropes. Could be fun.

- Have we discussed Tumblr yet? If you're not hip, Tumblr is a blogging platform best used to post random images and other quick, snippy bits. I pretty much dig it, and you can find my own Tumblr blog at But the cool thing about he platform is that you can follow other people's random posts and find cool images like the above "What if Pacman were real?" image or cool sites like Sean T.'s Bowie Loves Beyoncé, Brett White's action figure strip Tales To Diminish, tons of sites that mock hipsters or my favorite blog of all time: Boner Party

- Finally, if you're feeling bored AND creative this weekend, I highly recommend this handy dandy how-to guide that shows folks how to pull off mock comic book coloring effects in Photoshop with just a little effort. I'm going to play with it myself and maybe I'll post the results here later.

Enjoy the weekend, gang!

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