Friday, April 24, 2009

Linko! III

There was actually a lot of weird stuff that came across my browser this week. Could I be noticing these things more because I'm planning on posting them? Who cares!?!?

* This week, I had to look up an old issue of All-Star Comics for a freelance gig, causing me to stumble upon these rather nice galleries of covers from the whole run. I know most comic fans know about the first appearance of the JSA and that one cover where the Injustice Gang cuts up America, but damn...there are some crazy gems in there worth looking at. The above is my favorite, but I also really miss the days when a cover would feature metaphorical representations of the conflict within featuring tiny versions of the heroes climbing over a giant villain (days which I never lived through, of course). The later revival issues with the Wally Wood art are nice too.

* EDIT!: Adding this in as TJ reminded me, and I totally meant to point it out. This week thanks to my pestering both "Big" Jim Gibbons over at Enemy of Peanuts and Teej himself over at United Monkey watched and reviewed the film adaptation of "Josie & The Pussycats." I don't care what anyone else says, I smile ear to ear whenever I see that flick, and anyone who thinks the product placement is crass is totally missing the point.

* Food for thought link #1: Top Shelf's Leigh Walton ruminates on the creative link between web comicers and Lil Wayne.

* Food for thought link #2: My buddy Adam K Olson gets written up in in The NY Daily News talking 'bout how to teach yourself tech programs. I've been trying to up my Photoshop skills of late, so I dug it.

* Pop culture link #1: Did you know the Rentals have new music online? I read about their massive new initiative here first, but could only get the player to work by going to their homepage.

* Pop culture link #2: Probably everyone has already seen this map of the Island from "Lost," but it was new to me.

* Funny link #1: If Your IM Buddy List Was Honest

* Funny link #2: I don't care what anyone says about that issue of Detective he put out last week, I think Neil Gaiman's still got it in spades.

* Mighty Crusaders Link #1: Yeah, I know DC is calling them the "Red Circle" characters, but I can't get down with that name just yet. Anyway, the always titillating Alex Segura has been blowing my mind this week with preview images of the DC revival of Archie's old superhero line over at The Source. Aside from my personal favorite of The Web pictured above, there's also Jesus Saiz's interpretation of The Shield and Saiz and J.G. Jones' takes on Inferno and The Hangman. Make with the clicky, as they say.

* Mighty Crusaders Link #2: I swear I'm still going to get to my own dumb love letter to the Archie heroes in my long-awaited (by Ben) "Questionable Taste" series of posts, but in the meantime, check out this series of posts by blogger Siskoid on the characters. Scroll to the bottom and work your way up for a solid rundown of the original characters and their rad '90s !mpact revamps.

* Mighty Crusaders Link #3: Seriously, you guys...if there's one thing in this week's Linko! you have to click on, it's this Newsarama interview with J.G. Jones about his work redesigning the Archie characters. It may be the funniest Goddamn thing I've read in a year. I don't want to bag on Matt Brady because obviously he works a lot harder and is way more successful than me, and I am just as guilty of this as anyone who writes these kinds of superhero news stories online, but a pretty rote question list provided Jones (who I can say from experience is a pretty funny ass guy) to turn the whole ordeal into a parody of an interview. It gets pretty brutal by the time Brady says "I noticed that you didn't do any design for The Shield," but it is SO worth your time to click through. NOW.


TJ said...

Wow, no love for the TWO Josie and the Pussycats reviews inspired by you? That's cold man :)

KP said...



Ben Morse said...

Are people bagging on Gaiman's Batman story? I didn't even know. I enjoyed it.

TJ said...

Thanks KP!

I dug Gaiman's Batman story. I can see why people expecting a wrap-up of Batman's career would be upset with it, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow and enjoy what the creator set out to do. I had a great time on this ride.