Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Todd McFarlane drew Watchmen art

Yup. It's true. Todd McFarlane drew some Watchmen art.

Back in the 1987 update of DC's Who's Who series - which was a glossary of all the DC characters post-Crisis on Infinite Earths - McFarlane did a wraparound cover for issue #4. He was on Infinity Inc. at the time, if I'm not mistaken. You can see the front section of that cover here:

Inside the issue was a write-up for The Minutemen, the Golden Age super-team seen in Watchmen. Here's that write-up:

Note at the end how they made a point to say the Watchmen Universe
was NOT a part of the DCU in the above scan

In the new movie, the above image looks like this:

The purpose of the series' wraparound covers was to fit all the characters indexed within on one image. The Minutemen landed on the back cover section of the wraparound, which you can see below with call-out notes for each member. Click to enlarge.

And there you have it. Todd McFarlane of Spawn and Spider-Man fame officially drew Watchmen art for DC.


Ben Morse said...

What is that giant pantheon of characters he seems to have scribbled "Ben Morse on a birthday card" style in the upper left hand corner? Is that the Legion?

Ben Morse said...

I should clarify that style as "Ben Morse struggling to fit a bunch of comic book characters on a birthday card."

Rickey said...

I think they're Gods of some sort, dude. And what birthday cards are you drawing filled with characters and where can I see them?

Ben Morse said...

Like, you remember that card we drew for the writer of Infinite Crisis after Infinite Crisis ended? Stuff like that.

Rickey said...

I DO remember! I thought that was just a random thank you card, though. Do you have more cards like that that you've created?
I'm totally posting that image one day, too. It'd be a shame if NO ONE ever got to see it. Didn't he never get it?

Jesse T. said...

For some reason this reminded me of that "Dark Knight" cover for 'Mazing Man that Frank Miller did back in the day...

Rickey said...

Jesse, I love that cover!

Ben Morse said...

I'm pretty sure he never got it. You should absolutely post it.

I can't think of any other recent cards like that I've done, but I used to do them.