Wednesday, March 18, 2009

AIM Adventures: TJ is gonna deal meth

TJ is always looking for ways to make money...

Ben: Did Rickey mention to you the moneymaking idea we discussed for you on the train
TJ: not at all, please explain
Ben: He's been watching Breaking Bad, the show about an old chemistry professor making the world's most awesome crystal meth
Ben: Your wife is essentially a chemist
Ben: Do I need to connect the remaining dots?
TJ: she's actually taking chemistry right now
TJ: sounds perfect
TJ: we would get caught in about 20 seconds though
Ben: Don't worry, Rickey and I will sell it for you
Ben: You just make it
TJ: yeah, that's why we'll get caught in 20 seconds
TJ: rickey will draw a sketch of the lab with the address on it and then post it on his blog
TJ: and you'll be copying and pasting our AIM Adventures that are like "shit, we need more meth!!!"
Ben: Uh, of course not...


Em said...

Um... no?

Ben Morse said...

Give it a shot!

Rickey said...

Godammit, Emily, help us help you!

I'm sorry I yelled.

Ben Morse said...

I'm sorry Rickey yelled.

We need this!