Monday, March 30, 2009

AIM Adventures: Drunken gorilla

Ben is telling Rickey stories about how his high school friends would sometimes take him out drinking and push him way beyond his limits, likening them to gorillas who didn't know any better. Rickey compares Ben to a kitten being tossed in the air and then has this thought...

Rickey: i feel like we could go to the bar with a drunk gorilla driving
Rickey: could=should
Ben: The world just isn't ready
Rickey: and then, WHEN we get pulled over, we can be like, "Ploice Sofficer. It's the gorilla"
Ben: Someday
Rickey: "he can't drive"
Rickey: and the cop will be like, "well, I don't think that's any reason to..."
Rickey: and then he'll see the gorilla
Rickey: and be like, "That's...that's glorious."
Rickey: "carry on"
Rickey: and then the gorilla will crash into a tree about 15 feet ahead of where we were pulled over
Ben: It's a beautiful fantasy
Rickey: and our headstones will say "It was like they were kittens"
Rickey: and nothing else

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