Friday, March 13, 2009

AIM Adventures: Allergy Tests Suck!

Ben is bitching to TJ about the test he's taking for a possible nickel allergy (WARNING: nasty pictures at that link)...

Ben: Did I tell you about this allergy test I'm doing?
TJ: is it the prick test?
TJ: (not an insult, it's actually called that)
TJ: i read that and it sounded mean
Ben: Haha
Ben: No
Ben: I'm sure I would pass that
Ben: It's a "patch test"
Ben: I've had 82 square patches with small traces of nickel (which I may be allergic to) taped to my back with surgical tape since yesterday morning
Ben: I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to it because my whole back itches like crazy and it doesn't help that there's like a day's worth of sweat and grossness festering under there
TJ: yeesh
TJ: that does not sound good
TJ: i had the prick test and it was excrusciating
TJ: they put like 50 things people might be allergic to and pierce your skin so it can get in there and then they see what makes you swell up and itch and shit
TJ: it felt like fire
Ben: It sounds terrible
Ben: I hate that in fucking 2009 the best way medicine can test us for allergies is to just throw whatever is supposed to make us sick at us and see what happens
TJ: haha, i was just thinking that
Ben: It's like Batman throwing Kryptonite at Superman to see if it still hurts him dude
Ben: No difference
TJ: my cell phone is half transformer and yet THIS is how they figure out if i have allergies
Ben: Right?
Ben: i'm not asking for a cure for cancer (though it would be nice), I just want to not have to walk around with 4.50 in change tapedto my back for two days to see if it fucks me up

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