Monday, March 30, 2009

Pimping "My" Stuff: Marvel Super Heroes What The--?!

Weeks (months?) of hard work and tireless effort finally paid off this week on with the long-awaited debut of Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?!, our new stop animation comedy jam. I try not to pimp out my day job too too much here on the CKT, but I'm real proud of all the hard work that went into this one--virtually none of it mine!

It's all really the brainchild of one Alex Kropinak, one of the most brilliant and talented dudes I know. I've known Alex for a couple years now, since he was an intern back at Wizard. He's incredibly creative and infinitely patient, as watching about ten seconds of that first video should demonstrate. He's done some really impressive video stuff over the past few years, and he deserves tons of recognition for it. We made a real steal hiring him a few months back and I'm glad folks can finally bear witness to the fruits of his hard work. He did the bulk of the writing, filming and editing on this sheband.

But Alex wasn't the only buddy of mine onboard here. Two more Wizard alums helped out on the writing end in Jon Gutierrez and Sir Sean T. Collins. On the video end, Jason Harvey and Ramon Olivo, the other two dedicated members of Studios, put in the late hours with Alex to get this done.

Oh, and Ryan Penagos and I did voices--can you guess who?

Anyhow, enough of my yakkin'! Go check out the goods on and/or YouTube!


Kropinak said...

Right now, the video is the #44 Most Viewed YouTube Video in the Film & Animation category in New Zealand. Success!!

Ben Morse said...

Just like we dreamed! It's all happening!