Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cool Kids Roundtable: The World Needs These Comics

Since it proved so popular last time around, I have once again assembled the incomporable Cool Kids to weigh in on the topics that matter to you!

The question this time: what ongoing comics would you greenlight, like, yesterday, if you had the power to do so? Once again, I go first and my distinguished colleagues follow...

Here's the thing: there is no S.H.I.E.L.D. right now in the Marvel Universe...which is why it's the perfect time for a S.H.I.E.L.D. book! Nick Fury already has Secret Warriors, but there could be a really cool book about Dum Dum Dugan, Contessa, Clay Quartermain and company running a black ops cell dedicated to shutting Norman Osborn down. Throw in some rad off the radar super-powered characters like Solo and Deathlok as operatives, get Greg Rucka to write it and a Jesus Saiz or Renato Arlem to draw it and you got gold, baby!

Martian Manhunter
I've long said to anybody who would listen that there is an absolutely awesome Martian Manhunter book waiting to happen once somebody realizes that the character's greatest asset is that he can be anybody. That means he can transcend into any genre and play off any other character in the DC Universe. So I'm not talking just a MM solo book, I'm talking a team-up/anthology book (I'd call it Brave and the Bold, but I believe that's taken). J'onn can't carry a book on his own? Whatevs, dude, have him team up with Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, etc. But then also have him team up with Jonah Hex, Warlord, Swamp Thing, etc. Have him in westerns, crime noir stories, pure sci fi, etc. And most importantly, have Darwyn Cooke write the shit out of it with a rotating team of the best artists in the world!

Clint Barton is one of the best characters in the Marvel Universe and you'd be hard-pressed to find too many fans who don't love the guy. I actually thought the late, lamented, short-lived Fabian Nicieza-penned series from like four or five years ago with Hawkeye as Lorezno Lamas in Renegade was kick ass, but it didn't do so well commercially. There's gotta be dozens of writers out there with rad Hawkeye ideas, so let's hear 'em (starting with Jim McCann)!

Suicide Squad
There is never not a good time for a Suicide Squad book. Unfortunately, the most recent mini by John Ostrander, which rocked, did not sell so well, but there are tons of big name writers who love the Squad. Geoff Johns, come on down!

Tales of the Ultraverse
'Nuff said.

David Paggi
Mister Miracle by Grant Morrison and JH Williams III

Doop by Pete Milligan and Mike Allred

All Star Flash by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely

Nick Fury by Greg Rucka and Travis Charest

Lockjaw by Geof Darrow

The Muppet Show by Roger Langridge....oh wait, THAT'S HAPPENING

T.J. Dietsch
I'd like a Deathlok book and a Nick Fury book, but I'd like to write them both...

Kiel Phegley
Some kind of Andi Watson ongoing now that it looks like Glister is done.

Spider-Man 2104 by Matt Fraction & Mike Choi (continuing on from 2099)

Mighty Crusaders by Mark Waid and Rags Morales

A Bryan Lee O'Malley/Hope Larson collaboration

Pancake Lover Comix by Dave Paggi and Travis Charest (every issue has a holofoil cover)

And yeah, Dave...that Muppets book is going to fucking rock

Matt Powell
The Tomorrow People (UK TV show or American remake) by Grant Morrison and Ryan Sook

Brother Voodoo mystery/suspense thriller by Dwayne McDuffie

Black Panther/Brother Voodoo first meeting mini by me and some artist

Shazam ongoing by Geoff Johns and Carlos Pacheco

Perhaps: The Mod Squad by Brubaker and Phillps (too much like Criminal?)

Rickey Purdin
A WWII character-focused epic by Brian K. Vaughan and Eric Powell. Could have DC or Marvel war heroes or just be it's own thing.

All-Star Flash by Morrison and Quitely! Think of the super-science you'd get and the new ways you'd see super-speed!!! That's THREE exclamation points!

A regular Marvel and/or DC indie anthology. I've seen sample pages around the way from the Marvel one and the Bizarro collections from DC and I think indie guys have a big love for these characters and could provide new insight into them, but otherwise will never get a chance to work on them.

A Villains of the DCU series that's like JSA/JLA Classified and Superman/Batman Confidential that has a rotatng creative team and tells different stories about/focusing on the villains of the DCU. But not in a light-hearted Secret Six kinda way (which I still enjoy). More like that Jen Van Meter story from JSA Classified that shows the bad guys being BAD.

Batman/Daredevil by Bendis and Mazzuchelli!

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Rom: Spaceknight by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis