Monday, January 4, 2010

You suck, Invisible Woman

Y'know, no matter how many great stories are written featuring her, no matter how invaluable she is to the dynamic of the Fantastic Four, and no matter how many times she wins me over as a character, every time I see this one panel (which I came across again this past weekend while reading the latest volume of What If? Classic) a great disdain for Sue Storm aka the Invisible Girl aka Sue Richards aka the Insivible Woman wells up inside me once more...

Poor, poor Ben Grimm.*

Sue's late 80's/early 90's she-mullet was a crime against humanity as well.

(*=For those of you who aren't fortunate enough to recognize random comic book panels from 1961 out of context, that's Sue guilt-tripping Ben into flying her boyfriend Reed's rocket into dangerous outer space cosmic rays and thus condemning him to life as a freakish orange monster because they "needed to beat the Commies")

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Trinity said...

Ha. That is great. I love single panels from the past when they are out of context.