Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pimping My Stuff: MSH: What The--?! Siege promo

A couple months ago, Marvel marketing maven Arune Singh and I were discussing Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?! and discussing the idea that while the longer episodes more intended to grab a larger audience of casual viewers as well as the hardcore fans did better with plots more focused on current events and whatnot, there had to be a way to produce stuff that skewed closer to comic storylines as well.

Lo and behold, several train rides and idea-generating chats with What The--?! kingpin Alex Kropinak later, today's Siege promo short is the result, and I couldn't be more pleased. While this was a team effort as always and ultimately Alex did the lion's share of the heavy lifting, I did take the lead in terms of the script and very little got changed from my initial draft. Plus I got to voice The Hood (badly)!

My favorite parts of this ep are the designation Alex gave Taskmaster during his intro, Nick Lowe's amazing rendition of Loki (not to mention Steve Wacker of "An American President" fame as Taskmaster) and every still-shot Alex put together.


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demoncat said...

lol loved the thing and you did not sound so bad as the hood. and love how Norman was about ready to go postal. plus M.o.d.o.c.k actully looks interesting in the iron man armor