Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Comic Shop Stop: What I Bought This Week

Sometimes it's new stuff. Sometimes it's old stuff. Sometimes it'll be back issues or the same ol' thing I got 4 weeks ago. Whatever the case is, here's what I got at the shop this week (lemme know if you wanna borrow anything):

PUNISHER MAX #3 - Dave Johnson coverrrrrrrrrrr!

FEARLESS DAWN #2 - I remember Steve Mannion's pulpy, pin-up art style first catching my eye with The Bomb a long while back, so I've happily snapped up this Nazi-bashing cheesecake series for issues #1 and (today) #2. The main character faces off with her Nazi, monster doppelganger! Fun Eric Powell-esque mayhem!

THE MUPPET SHOW #1 - The first issue of the ongoing series from Roger Langridge! At 28 story pages, it feels so light, but the $2.99 price tag is justified with plenty of gags and fun.

ED HANNIGAN: COVERED - You may not recognize the name, but you definitely know Ed Hannigan's work. I knew him best for this iconic cover and this 1985 Marvel Universe poster that used to hang in a Wizard office hallway, but the guy's stuff ranges further and wider than you'd expect. That's why this special from the HERO Initiative spanning his career with quotes from him and his peers is such a rad read! The guy knew how to compose a fucking cover and it's neat to hear ideas about how to attract readers from a design-genius like him. Nowadays, Multiple Sclerosis has Ed in a rough spot, so good on Hero Initiative for putting this together. You'd be surprised how many covers in here you took for granted as another artist's work (like I did with this beaut), so grab this, help a good cause, and get your learnin' on!

How about you guys? Get anything good?

(Quick disclaimer: I borrow a LOT of stuff from Ben each week from Marvel, so I don't always buy single issues of the Marvel books. And I get everything from DC, WildStorm, Vertigo, and Zuda for free, so I never really buy anything from them unless I'm picking up for somebody else. So don't take my exclusion of DC stuff as a sign that the books aren't good enough to buy. They are. So there.)


demoncat said...

other then the punisher stuff since i never was a fan of the character like your choices . and if you haven't yet blackest night 6 should be added to your reading.

Trinity said...

It was a light week. I can't believe I didn't see Daytripper on here. It was great again. I got the Muppets as well Amazing Spider-man, Iron man, and Echo.

Rickey said...

Oh, no, I read Blackest Night #6 for sure. If you haven't checked out the DC Blackest Night site by now, btw, you should at:

It's got a gallery of all the covers so far, profiles of ALL the Lanterns in ALL the Corps and a LOT of other stuff. I've been working on it for a while.

Trinity, Daytripper is sooooo good. And I've been meaning to pick up Echo - I read the first issue way back while still at Wizard and loved it. I think I'll wait for the trades.

Ben Morse said...

I read the first issue of Daytripper out of my boss' comps and yeah, it was amazing. Contemplated picking up #2 yesterday, but my wallet said no. Not sure how much longer my head is gonna listen.