Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pimping My Stuff: War of Kings: Warriors #6

In case you missed it in stores last week--or just prefer the wave of the future known as "digital"--the second part of Blastaar's story in War of Kings: Warriors is available now on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited!

In the last installment of this cosmic epic, the Living Bomb-Burst returned to his home planet of Baluur in a conquering kinda mood and ran up against his old hometown's deadliest warrior: his own father. This time around, Blastaar and his old man collide and, in case you couldn't guess, there will be explosions! When the dust clears, Blastaar will be changed forever and ready to try and prove he deserves the title of King.

Christos Gage wrote it, Carlos Magno drew the heck out of it, and you can read it right now!

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