Friday, July 10, 2009

Linko! XIV

* Hey...if you're coming to the CKT for the first time today, I guarantee you you'll have a better time reading the post below this entry than you will Linko! this week. Just sayin.

* Some Canadians are totally awesome link: This post on Canada's McGill University newspaper McGill News has a surprising amount of fun interview content with university alumni Mariko Tamaki, Bryant Paul Johnson, Roberto Acguire-Sacasa and J. Torres. That's a pretty damn diverse group of people when you sit back and look at it. (Via Tom)

* Speaking of Tamaki, her cousin and collaborator Jillian Tamaki has a great series of images inspired by the Cordial drinking scene in Anne of Green Gables up on her blog which Hope Larson jokingly referred to on Twitter as the "First YA novel to tackle such hard-hitting topics as preteen drinking." That just killed me. I read that book so many times as a kid, carrying around a beat up hardcover copy my mom had when she was little, even though it had the phrase "A GREAT BOOK FOR GIRLS OF ALL AGES" splayed right across the front cover. I also had a major crush on Megan Follows and watched every season of "Avonlea" on the Disney Channel. What.

* Also from Tom: Bill Watterson's introduction essay to the work of George Herriman led me to discover all of the cool content on This Recording, which I'm pretty sure just reposts shit that's really interesting like this account of Wes Anderson meeting Pauline Kael and the subsequent fallout.

* I've seen this "History of the Internet" meme done a few different places over the years, but with each successive update, I find whatever faceless person who came up with it more of a modern day Nostradamus.

* I swear this will be my last Michael Jackson link: if you're an audio engineering nerd (and I know several of them) you'll probably dig this post by Bruce Swedien on how the final mix of "Billie Jean" came about.

* When he was in college, Mark Waid wrote poetry about Ace, the Bat-Hound.

* Found while looking for a good Ace, the Bat-Hound image Link: I Believe in Bat-Mite, a blog that once again proves every comic book character in history will eventually get their due on Internet.

* This week's "Sent to me by Everyone" Link: I haven't listened to any of the tracks on this Muppet Mashup album yet, but I hear they're pretty good.

* Beat me to the punch Link: I'm going to be starting a whole series of posts on '90s superhero movies next week, and when I get to "Darkman" I'm feeling like I'll be referring to this AV Club review an awful lot.

* Tim Leong Link: A Complex gallery of the 50 greatest action movies ever, complete with most bad ass lines of dialogue.

* Sometimes it takes a while Link: I guess this Kool-Aid Man parody by Alan Moore and Peter Bagge was posted online over a year ago, but now a bunch of people are sending it around thanks to Twitter. I got it from Tom Peyer.

* This video of Dan Didio talking about Wednesday Comics on Fox Business News is funny to watch in the same way that those episodes of "The Office" where Michael says something racist on accident are.

* Finally: There's going to be a haunted hotel in San Diego the week of Comic-Con. Who's going with me?

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Matt Ampersand said...

I had seen that Kool Aid comic some time ago, although I didn't know who the artist was at the time.