Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pimping My Stuff: War of Kings: Warriors #5

It's Blastaar time!

Truth be told, prior to War of Kings, I never thought much one way or the other about the ol' Living Bomb-Burst. I figured him for a stock cosmic heavy to be used when Terrax and Annihilus weren't available. Ironically enough, the only really cool Blastaar story I read was from the kick-off to the second volume of New Warriors, written by the War of Kings: Warriors writer I didn't assign to the big guy's story, Mr. Jay Faerber.

However, Blastaar had a pretty cool turn during Annihilation: Conquest and when Bill Rosemann told me he'd be one of our focus characters in Warriors, I thought there was some solid potential there. A lot of that promise I saw came from the fact that Blastaar is totally a Christos Gage character if I ever saw one. Chris loves big, obnoxious bruisers like Juggernaut and Blob, and Blasty is all that plus he's a fucking space pirate.


As expected, Chris nailed Blastaar right from the start, even moreso than I hoped, weaving a neat twist into the story that gave it that extra emotional oomph. However, good as Chris' script was, the real sweet stuff came when Carlos Magno began turning in his pages. I was somewhat familiar with Carlos from work he did on Countdown and other books, but he has totally reinvented himself on this story and if you think you've seen him before, you haven't seen anything. Mr. Magno is working on a whole new level here and I'm kinda excited to see where he goes from here (I'm hoping wherever that is will be still at Marvel).

So without further ado, enjoy the fruits of our labors as Blastaar continues his campaign of terror across the Negative Zone in War of Kings: Warriors #5!

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