Friday, July 17, 2009

Linko! XV

It's short and sweet this week as I prep for traveling to San Diego, so let's get right to it, y'all!

* The Blackest Site Link: That tagline I wrote sounds bad, huh? Ah I'm sure everyone who reads this site know who Ben is because he posts something almost every day. And if you're reading this, you know who I am even though I apparently only post once a week. But as you may have noticed, this blog technically has a third if ever harried contributor. But just because Rickey doesn't get to post as often as I'd like (passive aggressive guilt trip, pal!), that doesn't mean he spends all his days licking Ben and giant squid. For his day job, our boy spent the last few months preparing this insanely fun mini site for DC Comics' Blackest Night event! Now, I'm sure that other people chipped in too, but I know Rickey worked his ass off to make this thing shine, so if you see him next week in San Diego, buy him a beer, huh?

* Dumb vampire link of the week: I think I only clicked on this story on accident, but the headline alone is worth clicking through.

* Don't really need the link to make the joke link: This week, my new homebase of Chicago saw it's most famous building renamed as the Sears Tower officially became Willis Tower. When Brian Warmoth sent me the link, he referred to it as "Wesley Willis Tower" which is what I think is what we should all call it until the day we die. (And this is the reason why.)

* It's pretty sad that we find this cool link: Rob of Topless Robot fame sent me this gallery of Star Wars Dixie Cups that I thought was cool. Then I felt stupid about thinking it was cool.

* Legitimately cool link: This Facebook photo set Jeff Parker put on Twitter detailing Dave Chappelle's semi-return to standup in Portland last week.

Now normally, I would be a bit reticent about admitting that I had pretended to like something that I knew nothing about to look cool (and I promise you, I really am blushing as I type this admission). In this case though, I feel it's OK to admit it, as pretending to like something to look cool is exactly the sort of thing a character from one of the Scott Pilgrim books would do.

* That's probably my favorite quote from this appreciation of Bryan Lee O'Malley's ubiquitous comics series by Art Brut frontman Eddie Argos.

* Over at Television Without Pity, my bud Zach Oat rips into every superhero TV show ever. I thought the Flash costume was boss when I was in 4th Grade, though.

* Link I've forgotten before and will probably again: I swear to God someone sent me this insane Royal Tennenbaums sketchbook owned by Oni E-i-C James Lucas Jones like two years ago, but when Ryan Penagos Tumblred it this week, I was totally shocked by all the crazy great images (like the above Eli Cash drawing by Cory Lewis) that were held within. Even if you've seen it before, return to it now and often.

* Best follow up Links EVER: I thought it couldn't get any funnier after I read this story of Williamsburg hipsters losing their trust funds I linked to a few weeks back, but oh man the story gets better and better. First: Multi-million dollar condos in the neighborhood fall into financial disrepair. Second: Heroin-addicted crust punks move in for the kill. (Thanks to Heidi)

And hey, y'all...for anyone who reads this regularly, I may call a Mulligan on Linko! next week as I suspect Comic-Con will be kicking my ass all day Friday. We'll see.


Ben Morse said...

I attended a Wesley Willis concert before he passed and met the man himself. To this day I regret not getting the complimentary headbutt all my friends got (I was a pussy).

Sam said...

"Licking Ben and giant squid?" Is that some sort of weird comic book reference, or does stuff go down at DC that I don't want to know about?

Also, the gutter punks moving in on the hipsters makes me giggle inside. I'm totally for all parts of the city being cool and groovy and whatnot, but it's great to watch all this overinflated "hip" crap crumble down. Huzzah!