Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Two Years? Really?

And they said this wouldn't last.

Well, I'm sure somebody did.

Today unexpectedly marks the two-year anniversary of the Cool Kids Table--not unexpected in the sense we didn't think we'd make it this far, but rather in that none of us realized we were hitting this mark until I randomly checked last night.

So unfortunately we don't have any elaborate celebratory shenanigans in place, but we did want to take the opportunity to thank all our loyal readers who have put up with us these past couple years as we really do enjoy doing this for y'all. Hopefully you've come to dig our mix of semi-insider war stories of the comics industry, pop culture punditry and miscellaneous shenanigans.

Thanks also to all the kind people who link to our stuff, from Sean T. Collins to Tom Spurgeon to Robot 6 to Comics Alliance to Blog@Newsarama and so on; we really appreciate the hat tips from you folks who we greatly respect.

So here's to two more years and then maybe some more after that!

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