Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Green Lantern's Glo Balls

Rickey found these at the store and put them on Twitter. I couldn't help but share:

Put them in your mouth!

But seriously, I guess someone was impressed by all the Green Lantern stuff at the licensing show this year, huh? By one way or another, DC's whole rebranding of their biggest heroes as the four guys is getting a chance to shine. Apparanty, they also have Flash Cakes:

But I didn't put them in the headline of this post because they didn't make me giggle because I'm 11. But hey, I guess there's some kind of "get yourself on a comic cover" promo from Hostess going with this once these things are out in full force for Halloween. I actually did love to enter contests like that when I was a kid (or, you know, ordering X-Men specials off the back of pizza boxes and what not) so that's nice I guess.

Still, the only contest I'm really interested in in all this is Todd Casey's challenge to Rickey to eat a box of Glo Balls on video.

Do it, Rickey. Do it.


Rickey said...

There are only 6 in a box. I can do that!


KP said...

You can try!

Jesse T. said...

I can TOTALLY eat a whole box of those ... just let me wait a half-hour after jogging.

Ben Morse said...

I need those Flash cakes! Where, Rickey?! WHERE?!?!

Steve G said...

My daughter's going to insist on getting some Flash Cakes. And I don't believe I'll be discouraging her in the slightest...