Friday, September 24, 2010

Linko! LX

* If you read one piece of writing on comics this week or maybe even this month, please for your own sake make it Alex Duben's EXCELLENT CBR piece on the life and work of Al Williamson. My boy even got George Fucking Lucas on the phone along with a lot of comics folk to make for a really nice tribute.

* I don't understand this French article about Moebius' Arzak because it's in French. Maybe you do? (Via)

* Our old Wizard forefather, HERO Initiative head and all-around swell guy Jim McLauchlin has a new blog: Unpopular Opinions. It's about media/journalism/etc. Bookmarked!

* Seant T. Collins crack Link: "Goodfellas" oral history at GQ.

* Hey, Look! It's Jill Thompson and Grant Morrison's first ever collaboration.

* Hooray for the internet: Superchunk performances from national television broadcasts: ONE and TWO.

* Kids book writer Adam Rex writes a letter to his younger self...about not reading his own reviews. Nice. (Via)

* Flint, Michigan Watch: We made the New York Times a story on the trend of cities who are mayoral recall crazy. At least Flint started that trend?

* I found this Werewolf comic by Ian Anderson while goofing on Twitter, and it made me laugh. Anderson has a site full of other comics work – Citric Acid Comix – that seems worth a look.

* For a few years I've been absent-mindedly trying to find Archie's Super Hero Comics Digest Magazine #2 on sale on the cheap because I'm a wank for Archie superheroes and digest comics, but I've never bought it. Pumped when I saw that the Groovy Agent had a few of the horror stories from inside on his blog, though. (Via)

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