Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pimping Our Stuff: What The--?! NYCC Promo

We posted a very special edition of Marvel Super-Heroes: What The--?! today, a promo for the kind folks at New York Comic Con who requested it and everything. As I say every time, these are above all else an incredible testament to the talent and dedication of Alex Kropinak, who I will flat out stack up against anybody else working in stop animation on any level; he's that good. He works tirelessly on these and it shows in the quality.

However this particular episode was an incredibly important one for me as it's my first official go-around as the newly-minted Producer of What The--?! Without getting too inside baseball, Alex is still doing all the really hard stuff, but my job is to basically facilitate the day-to-day communications, operations, etc. What The--?! needs so he doesn't need to worry about anything but the creative end. It was great getting to work closely with Alex as well as Jesse Falcon--he's the talent of the operation--on each step of this, learning how it goes down and hopefully making their lives easier. I think the end product came out nicely and Alex told me he found the whole process easier with me in this role, so I'm feeling aces.

I also helped develop the concept and actually wrote the script for this. Jesse came up with the initial idea of a monster movie homage then came up with the basic plot, then handed it over to me to flesh out and provide stage direction, dialogue, etc. From there, I handed it to Alex, he storyboarded, I gave my input, he got to working, we came up with Easter eggs, etc. I also served as liaison to the fellas over at NYCC, keeping them looped in and happy.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the latest Marvel Super-Heroes: What The--?!. It was a pleasure to make and I'm already looking forward to the next few we've got lined up.

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