Thursday, October 29, 2009


Hey y'all, very sorry for the infrequency/relative lameness of this week's posting, but apparently getting married takes a lot out of you (and your friends). Besides that, I was also out late last night at MarvelFest and am freaking exhausted.

I swear I'm gonna get some sleep this weekend and return to the irreverent discourse on comics, movies and Subway that you live to consume. Until then, here's a medley of covers from random stuff I bought in the 90's!


TJ Dietsch said...

Dude, I also have Damage #1, Gen 13 #4 and JLTF #0 in my collection. I still have no idea why Thing was wearing that helmet though. I have one comic with him wearing that and then a female Thing. So confusing.

Ben Morse said...

The Thing wore the helmet because Wolverine fucked up his face with his claws when they rumbled one time. Then he got better.

Anonymous said...

Good God, I had forgotton about that Venom: Funeral Pyre series. That has to be the ugliest "cover enhancement" in the entire fad of holo-foil/hologram covers.

At the same time, I've always thought that Guardians of the Galaxy foil adamantium skeleton cover was kind of neat.

Ben Morse said...

I generally wasn't a kid who would buy comics just based on variant covers (I'd usually get the cheaper versions), but I'm pretty sure I broke that rule for that Guardians of the Galaxy issue (the only one in that series I ever purchased).

JimmyGlenn711 said...

Oh god, remeber when Gen 13 was good? I miss Gen 12 so much.

Was that the same Venom series where he rumbled with Sin Eater?

One last thing, is that Despero in JL: Task Force? When did that happen?

Ben Morse said...

For awhile during the 90's, L-Ron (the little robot sidekick of the Justice League International and Maxwell Lord) took over Despero's body and hung with the JLTF.

I'm not sure if Venom fought the Sin-Eater in Funeral Pyre (I only got the first issue), but I think it was a later series.

This is fun!

KP said...

Ben, you and I would not have had much to talk about had we bumped into each other in a comic shop in the sixth grade, but I totally had most of that Daredevil run as well as Damage #1 (though while I liked it I never bought another issue).

But man...X-Men Adventures!!!!! God, I loved that book SOOOOOOOOO much when Andrew Wildman drew it. I had every issue until somewhere in the middle of Season 3.

Ben Morse said...

I thought Andrew Wildman was way better than he ever got credit for, particularly when inked by the first inker I ever noticed making a difference on books I read, Stephen Baskerville.

And I only have that one issue from Kesel's Daredevil run; I would love to read the rest.