Friday, October 16, 2009

Linko! XXVI

Hey, crew. Last week was awful and this week was less so but still pretty crazy. The bad news in that? I missed Linko! last week and this week's is getting posted really late on Friday. The good (or at least salvageable) news? Linko! is extra-long this week. Let's do it to it...or something!

* Over the past few years, being buddies with guys like Sean T Collins and Rob Bricken has brought me a new appreciation for just how weirdly compelling and well designed the Masters of the Universe characters really are. This list by a hardcore He-Man fan of Five Obscure Characters from the franchise that have yet been made into toys is a good example of why that is.

* Similarly funny Link: Cracked on the most unnecessary gritty superhero reboots.

* Following up on a link two weeks ago Link: More on MT Anderson traveling to promote his latest – Jasper Dash And The Flame Pits of Delaware. I'm going through it right now, and it's really, really funny. Also funny: the letter the governor of Delaware wrote Anderson that's linked to in the above story.

* I've been reading a lot of manga blogs this week Link: And David Welsh sure makes untranslated manga Vinland Saga sound totally bad ass.

* This just in: Stephen DeStefano's Popeye is adorable. More at his blog.

* People link to Tom Brevoort's blog for businessy examinations of how he and Marvel editorial manage the company's superhero characters all the time, but he posts lots of other interesting stuff too. Case in point.

* I steal so many links off of Twitter, I feel a little wrong linking to mega comics industry Twitter directory, but I don't many of you will follow all the people I do anyway and then bitch about my reposting their shit...right?

* Speaking of things stolen off Twitter, Alex Segura posted this list of the great rock n roll books. I really should have read more of them by now.

* And via Tim Leong: Salvador Dali walks his giant Anteater.

* I really wanted to empathize with the twin sisters from Ohio whose job hunt was the focus of this New York Times feature, but after working for three years to get publishing jobs in New York myself, I can say with some certainty that they have zero idea how to work on getting interviews. Playing saxophone on the subway and littering resumes out of a plane is a waste of your time. Sheesh. Anyway, I'm linking here because at one point the reporter talks about one of the twins getting an X-Men tennis racket, and I can't figure out if that's a brand name or a classification or if I've been playing tennis all these years without the aide of having Weapon X emblazoned on my handle. Anyone know?

* Another "just because" New York Times link: I've never seen "Bye Bye, Birdie," but after reading this story about its first Broadway revival I feel like I probably should have at some point. Anyway, the article gives a pretty solid look at the musical's place in Broadway history without spoiling the ins and outs of the story for a newbie like me. Maybe I'll go see it when I'm in NYC next month. Can't go wrong with Stamos.

* Best. Headline. Ever.

Let's wrap the week with a butt load of video links:

* I thought I was going to pee my pants after Jeff Katz introduced me to The Outake Reel from Anna Nicole Smith's action movie "Skyscraper."

* I think this got linked to around a lot (hell, it was on the Chicago 9 O'Clock News), but it's worth watchiing Harry Connick Jr. stand up against blackface on an Australian variety show. Although, I don't quite agree with the idea that he "blew up" at anyone. He was just smart, firm and classy about their very offensive and stupid mistake. (Full disclosure: I have a total crush on Harry Connick, Jr. Seen him live three times. Own a T-Shirt. No shame, bro).

* It's a little old but still awesome link: A roundtable discussion of the creation of "The Daily Show" featuring Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Steve Carrell and more at the Paley Center.

* Finally: The next great viral video: The guy who covers Eminem in Klingon.


Rickey said...

"You're the one making up all these geeses."

That Anna Nicole thing is soooo awkward.

Rickey said...

I have a crush on HCJ, too, dude. Little Man Tate? Shiiiiit.